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I have been painting since I was 11 years old. My mom influenced my artistic career the most. She created a studio space in my childhood home and bought me my first easel. Growing up, my mom and those closest to me called me Daniellie. Yelli is an ode to that little girl and her big dream of being an artist and her own boss babe some day.


My yearning to be part of the art world only grew while working graphic design jobs in New York and after earning my degree in Visual Arts. It was particularly my female bosses and the artists around me that made me realize Yelli Studio didn't have to be a dream anymore, she could become my reality.  I wanted my company to empower women the way I have been empowered by women. 


Us ladies, we have this magic...this complete unstoppableness and badassery that my art and brand seek to emulate and inspire. Keep Yelli on your radar, because

girl, I have BIG plans for what is to come.


Danielle's Story

The Girl Behind the Brand.

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